Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shortened zip file names of PSApril13_LPW_Birds&Bees

Hello again.  I've not been able to watch for troubles as diligently as I would have liked to recently.  We have been busy with "college bound" trips, last weekend and another coming up.  I've also been working to learn a few new programs for creating fonts.  Hopefully more to come along those lines.  ;)

Some have had troubles with the long file names, and I'm assuming it's those of us with the older operating systems.  So I've shorten file names and am uploading some zip files that have the same papers and elements, but have shorter file names.  Hopefully if you've had troubles these will work for you.

I apologize to any that have had problems.  Please let me know if you had troubles with the older files, but these new shortened files are working for you.  Also if you could let me know what type of a system you are running on, so that hopefully I can find a fix for the future.

~Sorry Links have expired~

Enjoy your scrapping, and if you'd like to share anything you've made with my elements, give a holler!  I'd love to see it.

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