Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feed back on Birds and Bees Kit

Thanks so much to those that have already left comments on the website about my kit.  It's always nice to know what folks like and are drawn to.

I've been busy trying to go around and process through all the other kits in the Blog Train....so I've not done much yet in commenting on their kits yet.

I did want to post about the journal cards and the swan though.  I lean towards realistic art, Norman Rockwell was one of the artists that I enjoyed studying. So as I was getting ready and thinking on the theme, I was surfing the net looking for inspiration.  I came across some neat photos, and since I don't like bees, BUT love their honey, I knew that I didn't want to study them long enough to draw them in GIMP.  So when I found royalty free photos, I knew they would be a great option for me to add bees to my portion.  Muting their look with monotone was a plus, so journaling cards were a great fit.  I'm big on telling a story, even if short in any scrapbooking or artwork.

The swan, I decided it might be fast if I sketched on "old-fashioned" paper.  I then scanned it in, and isolated it within GIMP.  I actually made a few version of it, toying around with just the out-lining, and then a few texturing techniques.

I knew some of GIMP before starting the work on this kit, but I've learned a lot more.  Look for more from me, hopefully in the near future.


  1. Hello, I've tried downloading the Birds and Bees bloghop files, but when it goes into google, none of the three links seems to finish loading. I have used google docs today, so I know it's working. Would you possibly have other links I can try?
    Many thanks.
    Kind regards Jo x

    1. Sorry about that, I'll try to post some other links, @ Dropbox.