Friday, April 26, 2013

Been on a College Bound Trip

Well, it's been a very busy week.  Getting things done, trying to get things ready.  My Son for a College Bound Trip, and my daughter for an international foreign Mission Trip.

They are both the finishing they junior years, one in High School and one @ University.  Both are spying out where they will be continuing their education after graduations.  My daughter for her where to get her Masters and my son for where to start, and then continue to his Masters.  What a busy time!  Walking the campuses again, I'm glad to say that I'm past this time in life.  I just can't walk that much, especially on a hilly campus!  But I know they both have exciting days ahead!

On our travels I've found that my old laptop, is working much faster on the hotel internet then on the high speed at our home.  May have to call our service provider and have them check out WHY!

One of the glitches I found the other day, but didn't realize...kit items WERE there, I just needed to scroll over to the left, even in a wide screen browser.  I'm confident that Jordan will have things tweeked in no time though, and if you scroll over to the right, the items are still there to browse through.  Check out the website, and consider SUPPORTING them.  I've not found any other digital scrapping site that has their high level of quality items and variety AND you get a caring, and connected community as well!

Digital Scrapbooking at Pixel Scrapper

Some screen shots to help a few of us navigate around a couple of kits what seems to have a glitch.  When looking to download the kit, You can see the individual below the kit preview.  The SEE MORE button takes you to a screen with individual downloads.  But temporarily, a few kits might have what seemed to this sleep deprived mom missing the individual pictures....BUT NO...after a good nights rest and a fun day of campus tours...I found the scroll right bar at the bottom and low and BEHOLD ....there they were! ...

Larger pictures, that you can click through to see the individual items.  But Why not download the ENTIRE KIT....and come and join the community!  It really is a top notch site!

And please just choke up any typos or grammatical mistakes to one sleepy, time-zone challenged, college searching MOM!  (And yes that goes for my always proof-reading ;) ...but you can notice that I got all my links working properly!)


UPDATE: Jordan's got this fixed, early this morning!

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