Thursday, April 4, 2013

Added another download option with dropbox for PSApril13 Birds & Bees.

Just wanted to make sure everyone notices that I've added another download option in addition to the Google Drive downloads.  The same 3 files have been added to a public folder at, because someone commented that they had troubles getting the pages at Google Drive to fully load.  I thought about having a second option available, but thought I'd monitor how things went first, and I wanted to be up and ready April 1.  So I'm now offering another avenue for those who can't get the first ones to work.

Please scroll down the blog to find them or go directly to the blog post @ PSApril13 Birds and Bees Blog Hop IF you need them. They are listed at the bottom of that post.  I've been told that can reach a limit on bandwidth though, so I orginally only went with the Google Drive for downloading.

Sorry for any inconvience this might have caused people.  I have had troubles with others downloads during the last few months, so I know it happens.  Actually I still can't get "Box" pages to load properly.  I get the download buttons but they aren't clickable.  I figure if one took the time to mention it, it's probably happened to several others as well.  Again sorry.  Please if you have troubles, downloading or with the files when you unzip them, let me know.

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