Monday, April 1, 2013

Downloading Zip Files from Google Drive

Hello.  I've had some folks saying that they don't see how to download a Zip file from Google Drive.  Since I'm using Google Drive I thought I'd make a pictoral tutorial to help anyone out.

If you are taken to a page that looks like this, with the File name.ZIP then the area below listing the files inside the zip, but you want to download the ENTIRE ZIP file.
(To get the green highlighted area you need to have clicked on the File at the top.)
This SHOULD download the entire ZIP file.

If you'd like help with this problem, and this is NOT what you are seeing, please Shift>Print Screen while on the window.  This will capture your screen onto your clipboard, and you should be able to paste it into whatever program you use.  Crtl-V if you are on a PC will paste.  You could send me a picture of it, and I'll try to help figure out how you can get the entire zip file.


  1. Thanks for the clear instructions. I'd like to add that Google Drive has a specific application for Mac. So for those with a Mac, they should download the Google Drive for Mac application first. Then the Google Drive files will download correctly.


  2. Thanks Dencla. Not familiar with Mac's yet. My son just bought his college computer, a Macbook Pro...because of his interest in music.
    I've also made the files available on Dropbox.

  3. ===================== Method 1 ======================

    Also, while viewing the content of zip file, you can click CTRL+S to download the whole directory as zip file.

    ===================== Method 2 ======================

    For the moment, you have to build the URL manually.
    Where YourIndividualID is the ID of the respective document (zip file). You get it either from the URL or by clicking File → Share and copying it from the sharing URL.

    thanks to