Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Autumn kit: color Palette

Well, I'm developing a color palette for another kit I'm just beginning.  Don't know when it will be complete...lol

This is the palette I'll be starting with.  I found it on Pinterest, but I've selected and added the HTML codes for the colors that I liked best within that color range.

The reason I went with this palette, I think is because I grow up in New England during some of those early years, and so I love Autumn.  No Other place has Autumn like the New England states and Up-State New York.  The brick buildings are also a love for me, no doubt again because of that area.

So this is where I've started for my autumn kit.

Disclaimer:  I looked for the link in my Pinterest, but I'm not finding it right now.  You'll note that the original photo came from brandigirlblog.com  Again I'm not sure where on their site at the moment.

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